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Other forms of ID

We know we can't think of all types of IDs you might need support legally changing your gender, but feel free to ask us and we can hopefully find someone who knows what to do so you can be prepared! In the mean time here is some information we have gathered so far.

Student IDs

Victoria University - It is free to get a new student ID at Victoria University if you have an official name change.  Otherwise it is $21 to replace an old ID. If you are applying for your first ID that is also free. There is no gender marker on the Victoria University ID but do remember to request a new photo if you would like your photo updated.


Victoria University - If you would like to update your qualification certificate with your new name it will cost you $65. If you have not officially changed your name you will not be able to get the name on the qualification changed however you can request a chosen name be used to call you on to the stage during your graduation ceremony. 

Do you know about another school or tertiary institutes ID policy? Please let us know.