Donations will be used for grants to young people to update their identity documents.

We are a registered charity through Te Kete O Te Kāhui | Outerspaces Charitable Trust charity, registration number CC52399, and all donations of $5 or more may be claimed as a tax credit in NZ. Contact to claim your tax receipt.

Bank account

Name: Outerspaces Charitable Trust
Number: 38 9017 0285015 02
Bank: Kiwibank
Reference: Naming NZ


Payroll Giving

If your employer offers payroll giving, you can donate directly to any charity registered with the IRD-including OUTERSPACES, our parent organisation. With payroll giving you get a tax credit back each fortnight – there is no need to set up automatic payments, keep receipts, or claim the money back from IRD. The benefit of regular, even small amounts, is that we get a regular income stream, which allows us to set budgets rather than waiting for ad hoc donations.

Payroll Giving is a voluntary scheme which allows you to make donations directly from your pay and receive immediate tax credits that reduce your PAYE. This means that you can receive a tax credit of 33.3 cents for each dollar you donate for that pay period. For example, if you donate $10 you can receive a tax credit of $3.33.

You can donate to any approved organization listed by Inland Revenue. If OUTERSPACES isn’t already loaded into your company’s Payroll Giving, contact your Human Resources Office about adding them to the list.

Payroll giving is available from employers who electronically file their employer monthly schedule and deduction form.