Family Court

What is family court?
The family court is the court that decides whether or not your gender will be changed on your birth certificate. It also deals with all manner of family law issues such as care of children, relationship property, welfare guardianship (guardianship of people unable to look after themselves) and divorce. 

Is it free?
To apply to change your birth certificate is free. Some other services the family court offers are not free e.g. divorce applications

Is it scary?
The family court is used to dealing with people who do not have lawyers as for a lot of care of children process lawyers are banned from the court room. As such they are used to supporting people who are not used to court. You can take a support person with you, but unless this is your lawyer they will not be able to speak on your behalf - but they can be in the room. 

Being required to appear in person is generally nerve racking. If you are appearing in person the judge may ask you potentially intrusive questions about your gender identity, this may not happen, it will depend on the judge. If you are worried about this talk to a lawyer about the legal standard - you should only be asked questions that relate to proving the legal standard associated with the birth certificate standard.

How do you get involved?
See the Birth certificate page for further information.