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Frequently Asked Questions

Criteria for applying

Currently this grant is currently intended for youth; whose gender identity is different from their sex they were assigned at birth; and who live in the Greater Wellington region. This includes youth who identify as transgender, transsexual, takaatapui, whakawahine, fa’afafine, genderqueer, and many others.

We seek to support youth who are unable to afford their new identity documents and who wish to have their identity documents updated.

If the future we hope to be able to extend this grant to more people, but at the moment we are a small organisation.

What is "youth"

12 to 30ish.

How often we process/timeline

We aim to process applications quarterly.

How we choose

We aim to provide a grant to everyone who applies but we are limited by what our donors and fundraisers can provide.

We will prioritize based on need for an ID, means to get an ID, desire for an ID, and the ability of our limited funds to help the largest number of people.

How to apply

You can apply online here. You can apply offline by printing out this form or having a local community group help you e.g. Citizen's advice bureau or Community Law.

Do we need proof?

Not usually, but we reserve the right to require proof of some details.

How do we make payments?

We are currently in a transitional period for how payments are made. If your applications is approved we will advise you on the process to receive your grant.

Do we need to meet in person?

No, but if there is something unclear in your application we may contact you to clarify this.

Application due dates?

We accept applications on a rolling quarterly basis.

What happens if I'm successful in my application?

A volunteer will contact you. They can often provide you with links to the paperwork you need to fill in and will also arrange to have your cheques sent to you. It is important to know you will only have 6 months to spend your funds (the cheques expire after 6 months). If you do not use your cheques in that time your funds may be redistributed to other applicants. 

Can I re-apply? 

If you've been unsuccessful, partly successful or you've let your funds expire you are completely welcome to re-apply for funding. You must again meet our criteria in order to be successful.